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light4dawn's Journal

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A little bit about me:

I'm Canadian, and I'm a mom. Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada when I was born. I prefer beer over wine and Haagan Das ice cream over chocolate

My discovery of Twilight and fanfic:

In 2010 I saw the movies Twilight and New Moon. Later that same year I saw Eclipse. I enjoyed the stories and thought Taylor was cute. I rooted for Jacob to get the girl, but I wasn't especially attached to any of the characters, yet.

A few months later (now 2011) I saw the books on sale, purchased them and read them all, very quickly. The moment I read New Moon, I fell in love with Jacob Black. I couldn't get enough of him. I re-read the books, I kept watching New Moon and Eclipse over and over again. I roamed Stephenie Meyer's website and the Twilight Lexicon, hungry for more.

Finally in May 2011 I discovered this wonderful thing called Fan Fiction, imagine that! After lurking and reading obsessively, I decided to try my hand at writing in August of 2011. I had never written any fiction before, but it didn't stop me. I'm glad, because I love writing and hearing from readers.

History of my writing:
My first attempt at fanfic was a multi - chapter Jacob/Bella called:
Journey to a New Day (Yeah, I'm not good with titles or screen names, okay?)
This was started in August of 2011, and completed in November 2011.
During this, I wrote four one shots:
Fake Plastic Love
Damn Kid
Chains (an extension on Masks)

My second, and favourite multi-chapter story was: Ascent from DarknessI started posting this in November 2011, and it finished in January 2012, updating twice a week.

During this I wrote two four one shots:
A Gift on Christmas Day
The Birthday Gift
The Dark Man and the Pale Man
Happily, Tragically, Bittersweet Ever After

The third multi-chapter was the sequel for Journey to a New Day, and the most difficult for me to write. It is: Every Rose Has Its Thorn It was started in January 2012, and completed May 2012

During this I wrote two five one shots:
Nothing Will Keep Me Away From You
Just Incredible
Don't Forget Me

I also completed round six of the Twilight 25, writing 25 drabbles, each exactly100 words long, written to 25 different picture prompts.